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An introduction to WWII Tribute Series:

The German, American and Russian militaries used a variety of sidecar motorcycles during World War II, most notably the German BMW R75, R71’s saw limited combat use.The American Harley Davison XA, and Russian M-72. We pay tribute to these historic machines by recreating some of the visual aspects of the original bikes in whatever level of detail our customer prefers. The result is a very nice approximation of a vintage military motorcycle of WWII. Great for reenactments, collectors, motorcycle shows, military enthusists, hunting, paintball events, camping and of course fun.

Click on the images below and see some of the bikes we've built for our customers. Then let us build a bike to your exact specifications.

The following picture shows an original BMW R75 1942 sidecar.

This is the earliest Germany light gray WWII Sideca

The following picture shows your WWII Bikes after our restoration.

Grey WWII Sidecar with 24 HP engine.

Desert Yellow WWII Sidecar (This color was once used by German )

PLA Green WWII Sidecar

Matte Black WWII Sidecar with 24 HP polished engine:

Our restoration options to choice from for WWII tribute sidecar and solo CJ’s are: Quick release pannier boxes metal or leather, lowered front fender, machine gun mount, jerry cans and brackets, headlight cover, left engine guard, vertical seat springs, rubber shock covers, headlamp with on/off switch. Powder coated hubs, rims, spokes and frame parts. Sidecar brakes, front brake switch, WWII front and back plates, WWII division and tactical markings, tool box, military shovel, military axe, halogen light, cloth tonneau sidecar cover, military fog lights, gas tank with glove box and side fill cap position, replica WWII ammunition trailer with tow bar(as in photo above), Off road tires “knobbies“, double spare wheels and replica of original BMW logo tags and plates all made out of high quality metal.

Available in any color, our most popular MATTE colors are Panzer Grey, Black, US Green, PLA(Chinese) Green, Africa Korps desert tan (German) and UN White.


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